Mighty Bite 5-sense Soft Plastic Fishing Lures/baits kits System Hook inside Freshwater/saltwater Fishing BQ11

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  • Works for all Predatory Fish!
  • The only proven 5-sense fishing lure system!
  • Mighty Bite is the future of fishing.
  • More guaranteed wild fishing action than you ever thought possible!

Product Description

Mighty Bite is the only proven 5-sense fishing lure system. Mighty Bite looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes and actually swims like a wounded baitfish.
Works for all predatory Fish.
Every predatory fish craves an easy meal, and nothing is easier than a wounded baitfish. Forget all other lures that work on one or two of the fish's senses.
The Mighty Bite is the only proven 5-sense fishing lure system, engineered to ignite a fish's DNA triggered response, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked.
The special design also involves a bite mark in their ribs.
Wiggle swim baits around in the water and it sounds like a fish.
It feels like a fish, especially after you pull it out of the water.
The scent sticks make the swim baits smell like a wounded bait fish.
And for the final test....yep, even tastes like a fish.
Most fishing lure systems work on only a few of a fish's senses.
Mighty Bite stimulates all five, causing it to strike, bite hard and get hooked.
It's a lure that no fish can resist.

2-5.5"Mighty Bite(1 Herring 1 Tennessee Shad)
2-6"Weighted Mighty Fin,(1 Herring,1 silver/white)
2-3.75"Mighty Bite(1 Chartreuse,1Tennessee Sgad)
2-4"weighted MightyFin(1 Tennessee Shad,1 Chartreuse)
2-6"unhooke MightyFin(1Tennessee Shad,1 Chartreuse)
3-RedStinger Treble Hooks and harness
4-Wide Gap Offset Hooks for Mighty Fin
1-Popper with Harness
12-Assorted size Rattles
14-Assorted size Fins
8-Assorted size Tail Weights
14-Assorted size "Fin Locking Pins"
21-Assorted size Weed Guards
1-EZ Fishing Guide and Instruction Sheet

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