Aaron Taylor-Johnson of ‘Nocturnal Animals’ on that surprise Golden Globes win – Los Angeles Times

“Hello, hi, hello,” Aaron Taylor-Johnson said, taking the stage in the press room after what many called a surprise Golden Globe win for actor in a supporting role for his work in “Nocturnal Animals.” Then he addressed two questions sent to the HFPA via social media:

As to what it was like working on the film: “You know, every day was pretty intense and grueling,” he said. He credited working with co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. “My role was to provoke him and give him as much material to work from. I wanted to be as giving as possible.”

Preparing for the role, he said, “was intense and grueling, and I spent months watching documentaries about serial killers and psychopaths. I had a lot of sleepless nights watching this material. Psychologically, it was hard.”

What’s his dream project? “To be working with people I enjoy working with, I love to explore different characters, genres. It’s such a luxury to do what we do and you want to work with people who are passionate and enjoy it too.”

Expanding on the brief thanks he gave his parents when accepting his award, he said:  “I found acting when I was 6 and they gave me that opportunity, and I found my passion and joy. The fact that they nurtured and encouraged that — I wouldn’t be here without them.”

What did his parents have to say after actually seeing the film?

“They’re extremely proud,” he said. “They saw it in London at a film festival and, I dunno, it’s a really hard movie to watch and they were [pulled] in by the thriller [aspect] and they were moved.”

The story behind his facial hair in the movie, if anyone’s wondering: He [director Tom Ford] said ‘grow your hair out, grow your beard, grow your fingernails out, so I have enough to play with.’ And that’s what he did. He got the razors out . . . and we started to mold this character.”

The interview was cut short when Ryan Gosling won his award. “Oh, he did?” Taylor-Johnson said, smiling and stretching his neck to get a glimpse of the TVs on either side of the press room. Then, suddenly, someone turned the volume up on the TV and Taylor-Johnson was gone.


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