What to do if you see a deer in the roadway – KWCH

There isn’t much you can do to avoid it. Deer on Kansas roadways. And while it may seem difficult, troopers say the worst thing you can do is swerve to avoid a deer. The Kansas Highway Patrol says it’s handled nearly 400 deer crashes in Kansas between October and November.

Troopers say, more often than not, striking a deer will cause less damage and injury than trying to avoid it. That’s because we tend to swerve, go off the roadway, roll or even hit a tree. All of which can cause more injury than hitting the animal.

“You are talking something that weighs a couple hundred pounds so you are going to see some kind of damage and just depends how much traffic around you if someone else will hit it,” said Lt. Roger Baughman with the Kansa Highway Patrol.

We normally see deer in the early morning hours and in the evening, but this time of year, they are out all the time. Troopers say you need to be prepared.

Be on the lookout for more than one deer. When you see one deer, chances are, there are more nearby.

Don’t slam on your brakes or swerve. Just reduce your speed.

Troopers say you can also use your brights when possible.


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