WATCH: Mike Trout shares the crazy way he works out to get ready for spring training –

So here’s Angels superstar and AL MVP Mike Trout working out before leaving for spring training: 

@pdrtrainer with a special send off to #LAAspring…

A post shared by Mike Trout (@miketrout) on Feb 14, 2017 at 7:19pm PST

It would appear we won’t be reading any stories about Trout arriving to camp out of shape — not that anyone thought that would happen anyway. Given the historic resume he’s building to this point, it seems pretty obvious what kind of work ethic he possesses. 

Still, what an impressive display. I can’t tell if those are single large plates (which would equal 135 pounds total that Trout is carrying) or two plates on each side (which would be 225 lbs.) or if there are smaller plates on the outside of each side. I think my final answer would be 225. 

Regardless, running at that speed while carrying a minimum of 135 pounds is pretty damn impressive. Perhaps more impressive? Stopping so easily before slamming into the wall and not losing control of the weight. 

That’s a world-class athlete for you. 

Hat-tip: Baseball is fun


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