Vote to legalise hunting ‘very unlikely’ before 2020 –

Alongside Mrs Leadsom, other ministers Therese Coffey and George Eustice have both backed relaxing the ban and Lord Gardiner is a former deputy chief executive of the Countryside Alliance.

The ban on hunting and other wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales was implemented in the Hunting Act 2004, legislation. Tony Blair, the then prime minister behind the ban, has since said he regrets. 

Hunts are now allowed to drag hunt which involves hounds following a scent over open countryside.

Pro-fox hunting campaigners said they had resigned themselves to not having the vote before 2020.

Tim Bonner, the chief executive of the Countryside Alliance, said: “As long as the SNP MPs are intent on voting on an issue that does not affect Scotland, and only in England and Wales, then the Parliamentary mathematics make it very unlikely that the Government would want to return to this issue. Whilst we are not happy about that we have to understand it.”


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