Shopper corrals deer after it breaks into York Giant – LancasterOnline

A Conewago Township man played a major role in subduing a deer that broke into a Giant in York Monday night, according to the York Daily Record.

Robert Beck III, an avid outdoorsman, was one of several shoppers who heard the deer break through the glass entry door with a loud bang, shortly after 9 p.m.

The deer ran toward the bakery section when Beck grabbed it around the neck and turned it away from the glass displays.

He reportedly began leading the animal out of the store when it kicked him in the ribs, knocking him down.

Beck and two other shoppers were able to hold the deer and lead it outside near a field. Witnesses reported the deer only seemed to sustain a bloody nose, presumably from impacting the glass entrance.

The store ended up with minor damage, YDR reported.

Northeastern Regional police warn residents not to get involved with controlling a wild animal, although they said citizens who are experienced with hunting or wildlife can use their own judgement.

Police said Beck was a hunter experienced with handling live deer. Beck reportedly owns 16 fallow deer which he keeps on his property.


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