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A rare, piebald deer, similar to the one that made headlines in August when Avon football player Wolfgarr Lobo snapped its picture, was killed some time between Jan. 18 and 19 on Wadsworth Avenue in Avon.

The deer, which looked to have been hit by a passing car, was nearly all white with patches of brown fur across its back.

It looked to have been hit by a passing car on Wadsworth Avenue (Route 39) near its intersection with Linden Street just south of the village of Avon.

Melissa Temperato was visiting her mother at 500 Wadsworth Ave. Thursday morning when she learned the piebald had been killed.

While she’d never seen the deer herself, she said she’d heard about it from local hunter and outdoorsman Russ Garland.

“Russ is the one who always talks about it, he always asks me if I see it at my mom’s house,” said Temperato. “He gets up really early in the morning, like 5:30 in the morning.”

While it’s not clear whether the dead deer is the one that Lobo photographed back in August, it’s likely they’re one in the same.

That’s because piebald deer are exceptionally rare.

The piebald condition is the result of genetic variations that cause various amounts of white and brown patches. These patches can range from very slight amounts of white hair to almost all white.

The genetic defect affects less than 1 percent of the white-tailed deer population, according to the website New York Antler Outdoors.

Piebald deer have normal brown eyes and nose with black hooves.

Some piebald deer may appear to be normal except for their coloring.

Other piebald deer may have such visible characteristics as bowing of the nose, short legs, arching spine (scoliosis) and a short lower mandible. Piebald deer may also have internal organ deformities.

The piebald condition is not the same as an albino deer, which has pink eyes, a pink nose and pinkish hooves.


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