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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 28: Odell Beckham #13 of the New York Giants reacts against the Philadelphia Eagles during a game at MetLife Stadium on December 28, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)Getty Images

Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham tried on an analyst hat as part of the hours of pregame coverage unspooling across American television screens on Sunday and his visit to the ESPN set included a little discussion of the two incidents that bookended the final week of his season.

Those would be the boat trip to Miami at the start of Wild Card week and the hole Beckham punched in a Lambeau Field wall after the Giants lost to the Packers that Sunday. Beckham didn’t say much about the wall before Steve Young jumped in, but did say that he “learned my lesson about that.”

He had a bit more to say about the boat trip. After the loss, Beckham said it had nothing to do with the loss beyond doing “a great job of creating distractions” for the media to talk about during the week. On Sunday, Beckham referenced teammate Victor Cruz’s comment this week that the trip “definitely wasn’t worth it” because “you want to succeed at whatever your next task is.”

“I talked to him about it and I think what he was saying was all the extra attention and distraction it caused for our team and our organization, I don’t think any of us wanted that,” Beckham said, via NJ.com. “That’s where regrets may lie. But as far as going back on it, you live and you learn. You make decisions and you have to live with the consequences. You have to be willing to do that and that was case. It’s something that I’ll be able to look back on in life and you just grow from it. That’s all you can do. You have to take it and move on. I can’t sit back and keep continuing to dwell on it otherwise I won’t really be living life.”

Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said after the season that Beckham “needs to think about some of the things he does.” Beckham sent a message Sunday that he’s doing that, leaving Reese and the Giants to hope that his conclusions keep future discussions of his activities to what he does on the field.


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