Giant bull elk ‘browses’ in gift shop in Estes Park – FOX31 Denver

A shop owner in Estes Park had an unexpected visitor on Saturday — a giant bull elk.

While elk frequently wander through town, Pratek Fhakya said this is the first time one has come inside his shop.

The video shows the elk, which appears to be a 6 by 6, just standing around, surrounded by stuffed animals, purses, hats, key chains and other souvenirs in the Water Wheel Gift Corner.

Fhakya said he had the door propped open for customers, but the elk walked in and just browsed for about 45 minutes.

There were no customers in the store at the time, but Fhakya said it gave him a bit of a scare — first for his own safety and then for his property. He told FOX31 Denver he started to wonder if his insurance company would cover elk damage. Amazingly, the elk remained calm and didn’t create a mess.

Fhakya said local officers lured the elk outside with some apples, but the elk came back inside less than 10 minutes later.

Fhakya said after seven years in business, he will no longer be keeping his door propped open.



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