Elk walks into Colorado store, hangs out for nearly an hour – UPI.com

Jan. 23 (UPI) – An elk wandered into a Colorado store and stood calmly with the owner for several minutes before being lured out by police bearing apples.

Prateek Shakya, owner of the Water Wheel Gift Corner store in Estes Park, said he was filling his water bottle Saturday when he spotted the elk hanging out near the front door to the store,

Shakya said he watched as the elk, which was being pursued by police, walked through the door and stood just inside the store.

“He was calm and gentle, but I was nervous,” Shakya told KUSA-TV.

Shakya, who posted video of the elk’s visit to YouTube, said the elk left after about 45 minutes, but he soon walked right back in through the same door.

A video posted to Facebook by witness Patti Koger shows the elk being finally lured out of the store for good by police offering apples.

Shakya said there was no damage to the store.

“It’s a lifetime experience, I guess,” Shakya said. “I posted one picture and everyone is asking is that normal? And I’m like no, never in my lifetime.”


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