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ANDOVER — No one is quite sure how the deer got into a Main Street commercial building, but witnesses and police agree — how it got out wasn’t pretty.

Police responded to multiple calls just before 2 p.m. on Monday for “an injured deer in the area” of 10-12 Main St., according to police logs. When responding officers arrived on the scene, they reported that “the deer jumped through the building window.”

“Nobody must have realized that the deer was even in the building until it was trying to get out, until it crashed through the (side) door window into the street,” Lt. Eddie Guy said. 

The building is home to multiple businesses including Kokee Flowers, Casa Blanca Restaurant, Starbucks, Best You Gym, and Bruegger’s Bagels.

On the side of the building, facing Park Street is a door with a glass window that is now boarded up with wood panels and caution tape after Monday’s fatal attempted escape.

Guy said the deer was not put down, but rather died from the injuries it sustained breaking through the glass. He said it’s unfortunate for something like this to happen in public, saying it was probably “traumatic” for witnesses.

Sophia Bono, 11, was leaving Orange Leaf on Park Street just after the deer had broken through the glass window. She and her friend slowly walked up the street, she said, thinking the animal in the middle of the road was a dog.

“We noticed the animal first and just kind of kept walking to see what was going on,” Bono said. “We started stepping over glass (when we got closer to the door) and then saw some blood spatters.”

At first, Bono said there weren’t too many people around. After people started to see what had happened, a crowd began to form.

“There was a lot of blood, and actually, one woman was trying to help the deer,” Bono said. “She was trying to cover up where it was bleeding. It was really sad.”

Guy said that responding to accidents involving deer “is not unusual.”

“We are seeing more and more accidents involving deer, particularly on Route 125 and South Main Street,” Guy said. “It can be traumatic when people have to witness us putting the deer down at the scene, and I’m sure even moreso on a downtown street during the day.”

Bob Douglas, Andover’s director of Conservation, said he found out about the incident because of his involvement with the town’s Deer Hunt program, which aims to curb the overpopulation of deer in Andover.

Five years ago, the town instituted a bow-hunting program through which 80 volunteer hunters now help to lower the levels of deer in Andover. The state’s deer biologist visited the town five years ago and according to Douglas said the woods were “overgrazed, in large part due to too many deer.”

Douglas said a deer finding its way to the downtown area, into a building no less, could be explained by the town’s overpopulation of deer.

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