45 tourists, crew rescued from sinking boat – Bangkok Post

Rescued tourists look at their boat after water seeped through a hole off Pathiu district in Chumphon on Monday. (Photo by Amnart Thongdee)

CHUMPHON – A trawler helped bring 45 tourists and crew members to safety on Monday after their boat hit an object under the sea during a sightseeing trip to an island.

The Racha Chumphon boat lost control due to high waves and its bottom was cracked after hitting a hard object under water when it was about two kilometres off the coast in Pathiu district, Taweechai Choksamut, the marine office chief in the province said.

After seeing water seeping through a hole, captain Nikorn Limthong called for help from a trawler in the area to take the passengers back to the shore, he added.

The boat was towed near the coast before it sank.

The incident took place when it was taking tourists, most of them Thais, to Koh Phra, one of the attractions in the district.

The province has warned of high waves and strong winds in the sea. The Meteorological Department strongly urges small boats in southern provinces along the gulf not to leave the coast due to bad weather conditions.


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