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For anglers who have to shoulder the burden of carrying around all sorts of equipment, an interesting piece of kit has arrived in the form of a fishing drone.

Originating from Beijing-based dronemaker PowerVision, PowerRay is submersible — with the ability to send images or videos of underwater activity back to the angler above sea level through the help of a video camera.

The visuals can be viewed on the screen of a handheld unit like a smartphone or a gadget that controls the drone. For virtual-reality (VR) savvy fishermen, VR goggles are available to see what is happening in Neptune’s kingdom.

PowerRay’s fish detector makes use of sonar, giving out sound waves and picking up reflections from nearby objects. The drone has many unique features, such as being able to distinguish between species, the ability to carry a baited hook and let it go in a desired spot and even emitting blue light that can supposedly attract fish. 

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Despite the craze around the device at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the US, most people failed to notice that the radio waves which flying drones use to communicate do not travel well in seawater because it absorbs radio signals. PowerRay tackles this issue through the use of a 30-meter umbilical cord. 

The drone needs to be tethered to its operator using a plug socket amidships. According to PowerVision, this solves two problems: It handles “the challenging transmission environment” as well as preventing the drone from being dragged down into the sea in the event that a big trout grasps the bait. 

The company is looking to develop a cordless version of the PowerRay for underwater photography in the future. It would do this by using low-frequency systems that offered limited range underwater. The company also expects to provide anglers with an option for direct video evidence of fish that escaped the hook. (nik/kes)


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