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Arrested Vietnamese crew members with a 200-litre drum of illegally harvested sea cucumbers after their vessel was stopped and searched by Thai patrol boats off the coast of Narathiwat. (Photo supplied by Waedao Harai)

NARATHIWAT — The navy and marine police seized a Vietnamese fishing boat with five crew on board for illegally fishing in the Thai waters on Tuesday morning, said Pol Col Nathapong Takaew, of the 7th Marine Police Division.

Pol Col Nathapong said that acting on a report from a Thai fishing boat, patrol boats of the marine police and the Navy’s 2nd Area Command intercepted the Vietnamese boat about 15 nautical miles from the coastline of Narathiwat and stopped it for a search.

The boat, which had a crew of five including the skipper, was found to be carrying about 850 kilogrammes of sea cucumbers in three 200-litre drums, along with radio gear, a power generator, a global positioning system (GPS) and fishing equipment.

The boat and its crew were taken to marine police headquarters in Narathiwat for legal action.

Pol Maj Nathapong said the seized Vietnamese boat was illegal and operating without a licence in Thai territorial waters in violation of fishing, immigration, navigation and radio communications laws. 

The crewmen would be questioned to see if they were involved in human trafficking, he added.


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