Fisherman thanks ‘guardian angels’ for keeping the sharks away during six hour ordeal at sea after falling overboard … –

A fisherman has thanked his ”guardian angels” for keeping the tiger sharks away during his six hour ordeal in a remote stretch of Australian ocean, after falling overboard while trying to save his GoPro camera.

Ross Chapman, a boilermaker in his 20s, was fishing alone in a boat off North West Cape in Western Australia when he knocked the camera into the water, shortly after hooking and releasing a marlin.  

He lunged for the camera and slipped overboard but his boat was in gear and travelled off without him.

He was then left stranded, about 30 nautical miles from shore.

Jeni Gates, a friend, said Mr Chapman grabbed a lure in the water to try to bring the boat in but the vessel was “doing circles around him” and the line eventually snapped.


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